“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure
was going to happen” – Winnie the Pooh

Over 10 years ago, a friend brought us together under the beautiful summer stars of the Hollywood Bowl. We consider this one of the most magical places in LA; great food, good friends, and wonderful music. On that night, we got all that and more; we both met the love of our lives. We started dating right away and not long after we felt that amazing feeling, you know the one, the one that everyone says “you’ll know when you know”…. and we knew without a doubt that our lives were meant to be together.

Coincidentally we both brought the love of weddings into our marriage. Robin had spent a good part of her life managing weddings at her church and co-owning a floral design business. Chris started his event journey early on by helping all of his friends with their own weddings. After stints in medical sales, retail and television costuming, he realized that designing events was his true calling. When we met, Chris had many years of corporate and incentive experience design under his belt all the while still helping friends and their kids with their weddings.

It seemed obvious that with our combined creative skills and experience, we could really help people plan their perfect wedding and make it a joyful process. With a sweet and catchy name combination, ChristopherRobin Weddings was born. Our unique partnership allows us to see your wedding from all sides and personalities. We will not only consider the needs of the bride but the groom as well and the rest of the families involved.

What makes us even more unique, is that we are in it for every detail. We love helping you with a budget, timelines, flower types, linen colors and lighting. We love the endless discussions about invitations, seating charts and which Pinterest ideas are actually doable. We will shed tears when to do your first look before your ceremony and we will raise a glass to you during the toasts. Most of all, our joy will be in watching your day run smoothly and seeing your joy as you take it all in.

Ready to love the journey? Call Us.